Watch Now! The Oscars Award 2018 Live Stream Online There is no doubt that Oscars are the nation’s most awaited award ceremony, which is watched hugely, though Oscars often feel long with speeches and award distribution extending for about three hours. Popularly known as the Academy Awards, the Oscars are considered as one among the most reputed awards in the United States. This is a set of 24 awards, which presents to artists, music, and movies in the film industry. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is actively engaged in distributing the Oscars every year.

This award will recognize the cinematic achievements of individuals who are nominated by the Academy Voting Memberships. Then, the winners of every category are provided with a Golden Statuette, which is officially referred as the Academy Award of Merit yet commonly known as the Oscar. As the oldest entertainment award ceremony, Oscar is celebrated all over the world. You will get the real happiness and enjoyment if you will able to watch the live streaming of Oscars 2018.

In this virtual world, everyone would like to watch this incredibly talented award distribution ceremony as almost all their favorite stars and celebrities are seen at a single stage. In case you are one among the high viewers of watching Oscars online, there will be the complete guide to Oscars 2018 live stream channels, telecast, time, date, venue, nominations, and much more.

Oscars Live Stream 2018

Oscars Live Stream 2018

Academy Awards or Oscars 2018 will take place on March 4th, 2018 and the awards are presented by AMPAS or Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. This year in March 2018 the best films will get the honor. This year the Oscars will take place in Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, LA, USA. This year Oscars is taking place in the month of March to avoid the clash with Winter Olympic 2018. Jimmy Kimmel, the world-renowned comedian will host the show and this will be the second year when he will host the show.

If you can’t be near the television on the Oscar, don’t worry as a live streaming option is available for you to enjoy 90th Academy Awards. Earlier days, Oscar ceremony is only on TV and radio channels. But now, live streaming is considered to be the best suitable place to watch these loving awards distribution. In addition to telecasting in more than 200 countries, Oscar 2018 is also streaming online. With the live streaming of Oscar 2018, you can able to get pleasure from the most happening awards together with the big red carpet function of this exciting show on the Channel ABC.

How to watch Oscar Awards Online through ABC

Additionally, you can also download ABC app or just tune into Surprisingly, this hot yet phenomenal event is now set for live action on “The Oscars: All Access”. The main intention of this site is to bring the latest interviews with the performers and nominees. All these online sites will be updated every minute to get you the complete details about the live streaming of Online 2018. Therefore, you will get lots of option for watching your favourite award ceremony Oscar 2018 where actors and actress are pouring their heart out through their emotional speeches and performances.

If you live in Fresno, Chicago, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, or Philadelphia markets by owing a participating TV provider, which supports WATCH ABC apps, you can able to watch Oscars live online on any device, which supports it.

Academy Awards Live Streaming 2018 channels

Yes! Watching Oscars became that easy and simple for all around the Globe. Now we are only two months away from Oscars or Academy Awards which is taking place in Dolby Theatre, California, US and this will be aired live from Dolby Theatre officially by ABC Television.

One who has a genuine cable connection in the US can watch the show live at their home, office or from any other place in Television and other can also live stream the channel to get the faun of the Academy awards from red carpet till the after party event. Let’s check out some best channels to watch Oscars live stream below.

Watching On A Desktop

Abc made the Oscars accessible at ABC’s website when you are in the right market together with a TV provider login. Or else, your best bet will be trying an internet TV option. You can also watch Oscars vicariously through Twitter or get some friends or relatives with cable if possible.

Watching Oscars On A Smartphone Or Tablet

Same as above, if you have the login to the right geographic area, you can make use of an ABC app to watch the event.

Watching Internationally

In case you are internationally based, the Academy will helpfully put the list, which gives the international networks having the rights to broadcast the celebration. So, check there for getting your local broadcaster.

You can surely catch the event remotely by using any of the above-given methods.

Oscar Awards 2018 VPN Streaming guide

Here are some important points to check before using VPN to stream 2018 Oscars.

But the underlying fact is these two cables or online connections are only for US citizens. Now, what will happen to the viewers outside the US?

One has to be a part of VPN and change their IP address. We are sure that many are finding this word’ VPN’ to be very new, but the customer care is always there to help and guide you for operating the so that one can watch this Gala and most important international Movie ward show live and fast.

Now in the UK is people wish to watch the Oscars 2018 only by streaming online then one can sure move for the option of cord-cutting service NOW TV. This NOW TV is the UK is broadcasting the event live. NOW TV has a 14-day free trial run. Quickly plan to get the connection of Now TV for watching a seamless event.

If one wants to go for unblocking Sling TV or ABC live then one has to opt for VPN connection which should be connected to the US server. UK audiences should have a separate IP address. How to get connected with VPN, step by step analysis is given under:

One should use the VPN Services from the list, but one should prefer Express VPN because of this service and speed.

Red carpet

Before the show begins, there will be Oscars Red carpet which will showcase the celebrities, actors and actress with beautiful dress codes and some funny interviews. ABC will broadcast the live coverage of Academy Awards 2018 Red carpet in Hd quality. You can read more about Oscar Awards Red carpet streams here.

Oscars 2018 Schedule & Line Up

Usually, the Oscars award ceremony is held at the end of February or else in early March every year. This year, the expected date of Oscar 2018 will be 4th March 2018, Sunday. The 90th Academy Award ceremony will be conducted at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California at 5.30 PM. In Oscar 2018, the first event will be The Governors Awards, which take place on 11th November 2017, Saturday. On 5th January 2018, the nomination polls will open and continue till 12th January 2018.

On January 23, 2018, the final nomination is expected to be announced and the Nominee Luncheon is on February 5, 2018, Monday. Once the nomination process gets completed, the Scientific & Technical Achievement Award Presentation would take place on 10th February 2018, Saturday. The final voting starts on February 20, 2018, and gets ended on February 27, 2018. Finally, the Academic Award ceremony is held on 4th March 2018. Get more details about Oscar awards 2018 important dates and schedule here.

The Oscars 2018 Host

Hosting this big event is proud. The 89th Academy Award ceremony was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. According to the prediction, Jimmy Kimmel is expected to come back to host the ceremony this year. He is well-known for adding humor and wit to his hosting skills, which are fantastic and impressive. While hosting the show, Jimmy Kimmel tries to give every bit of himself to make the 90th Academy Awards ceremony as grand as possible.

In the history of Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel is proved to be the best host, and so, his return as the most beautiful host will surely make the Oscar 2018 a huge success. Without any doubt, Jimmy’s skillful command will make this huge and fun Academy Awards ceremony an unforgettable night of Hollywood.

Oscars 2018 Nominations & Winner Predictions

Oscar 2018 is undoubtedly going to be a big gig where Blade Runner dominated some categories such as Cinematography, Original Score, Film Editing, Costume Design, and Production Design. Then, the most important nomination goes to the science fiction sequel of Harris Ford and Ryan Reynolds as they lead the nominations with their iconic roles. Besides these, there are also some new leaders included in the race. They are Detroit in Film Editing, Dunkirk in Original Score, and Phantom Thread in Costume Design.

In the Cutting Edge of Oscar 2018, you will able to see “Faces Places”, which is a heart-tugging & road movie documentary by 88-year-old Agnes Varda, holding a special place. With excellent reviews and highest gross opening, Wonder Woman has jumped into the line of Oscar. Beauty and the Beast, Downsizing, and the Star Wars are some other films, which will make their identity in Oscar 2018’s best film. Here are some predictions:

Best picture:

Darkest Hour
Call Me By Your Name
The Greatest Showman
The Mercy
The Glass castle
Untitled Detroit Project

Best Director:

Darren Aronofsky for Mother
Luca Guadagnino for Call Me by Your Name
Destin Daniel Cretton for The Glass Castle
Alexander Payne for Downsizing
Kathryn Bigelow for Untitled Detroit Project

Best Actor:

Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour
Armie Hammer for Call Me by Your Name
Matt Damon for Downsizing
Colin Forth for The Mercy
Hugh Jackman for The Greatest Showman

Best Actress:

Jennifer Lawrence for Mother
Brie Larson for The Glass Castle
Jessica Chastain for Molly’ Game
Kristen Wiig for Downsizing
Viola Davis for The Personal History of Rachel Dupree

Best Supporting Actor:

Ed Harris for Mother
Woody Harrelson for The Glass Castle
Zac Efron for The Greatest Showman
John Hurt for Darkest Hour
Garrett Hedlund for Mudbound

Best Supporting Actress:

Nicole Kidman for The Beguiled
Holly Hunter for The Big Sick
Julianne Moore for Wonderstruck
Michelle Williams for The Greatest Showman
Naomi Watts for The Glass Castle

There is still more competition going to get a place. Several films and songs are waiting to hold their place in the Oscar 2018 Nominations. This huge-size and the most significant night of Hollywood will be expected to be a premium when your favorite stars and celebrities would step up to entertain the audience at their best. Thus, the performances are going to be incredible delight and predominant to watch. So, don’t forget to watch it.